It’s been a rough start to 2023.

Coming off of a great year in 2022, I have been looking forward to more expansion. More growth. More Fun. ​ Mr. Murphy has a way of showing up at the most unwelcome times.

A family member had a stroke on Christmas Eve. ​ COVID and bronchitis were rampant. ​ Frigid cold temperatures that we were completely unequipped for slowed progress and hampered the holidays. ​ And through it all, while caregiving, and recovering, I am attempting to develop a ​ plan to propel my business forward in 2023. In that type of chaos it’s easy to understand why New Year Resolutions and goals don’t last.

There is a 91% dropout rate for New Year Resolutions!!!! Can you image if just half of those people were able to achieve their goals what a difference it would make? ​ Here’s the sticking point though. . . It’s hard. ​ Really Hard. And unless we are willing to face the hard things, we won’t grow. ​ So. . 91% of the people in the world will be in exactly the same spot they are in this time next year. ​ That’s hard to wrap your head around!!

Why do New Year Resolutions and Goals fall away so quickly? ​ How can we change that so that we can live better? ​ Make a difference in the world? ​ Help our families? ​ Build our businesses?

1. Is there a goal attached to your resolution? ​ A statement without a goal is just a statement.
ASK YOURSELF: Exactly what is it that I want to achieve.
The goal is the end result. ​ The resolution is your method to get there. ​ You cannot define what you want without an end result.

2. Are your goals too long term? ​ Set your goals in shorter increments.
ASK YOURSELF: Do You get bored easily?
I learned through a human design class that I get bored very fast. ​ To keep my creativity flowing I have to continuously be looking at new goals and new actions or it becomes stale. ​ For years I thought I was impulsive and broken because of this tendency. ​ It is a relief to know that I am not. ​ Set goals for a month, or three months. This is much easier to attain than 12 months. ​

3. ​ Do you run out of energy? Use smaller periods of time to accomplish tasks
ASK YOURSELF: Do you get exhausted thinking about sticking to a resolution?
Most people think that a commitment requires massive amounts of time and energy. Commitment is actually about consistency though. ​ When I coach people speaking or performing, I ask them to schedule 15 minutes a day starting out. ​ Develop the pattern of doing SOMETHING. . and as you work that commitment muscle, it will get stronger.

4. Does life get in the way? Setting boundaries is paramount
ASK YOURSELF: Do you feel guilty when you take 15 minutes to focus on you?
For busy parents and working people life is pulling us in a million different directions. You have to protect that personal time fiercely. Others may even give you a hard time about it. ​ Stand your ground. ​ Drop the guilt and know that if you don’t take those few minutes to accomplish your personal goals, you won’t be at your best for others.

5. How do you set your goals? ​ Goals must be relevant and attainable.
ASK YOURSELF: Is this truly achievable?
Quite often in our efforts to be bold and strong, we set goals that really aren’t appropriate for our circumstances. ​ For example, I can say this year, I am going to open a bakery and make $500,000. ​ ​ I bake really well, but my decorating skills are TERRIBLE. ​ So the goal should be, to learn how to decorate cakes and see if I can even be successful at it. ​ If I can’t ​ make a basic birthday cake look good then I think that $500,000 is not going to be achievable. ​

6. ​ Do you have a plan? ​ It’s great to dream and to set goals but you must have a CLEAR plan to get there.
ASK YOURSELF: What is the first step I need to take and then look at the next 5 steps.
Be resourceful. Be flexible and be creative. ​ If one step is blocked, find a way around it. ​

One of the most profound things that I learned in 2022 was that WE ARE TESTED. ​ Sounds simple right? ​ I forget this though. ​ Every day. ​

These challenges to our resolutions and goals are temporary barriers. ​ They are tests. ​ Life is saying, “How much do you want this”? And you have to decide.

If you view every challenge as a test. . then it becomes simple. Rise to the occasion. Find a way around the barriers and follow the clear path with consistency and commitment to success.

Cheers to your new year and all that it has in store for you! ​ Blessings and Beyond!!

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