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The Blog Begins!!!!

Many people think of September as a time for the sun to start settingon the year.  Images of football, pumpkin spice, and cozy sweaters start coming to mind (unless of course you live in South Florida and are still dodging hurricanes and tropical storms).

I often correlate months of the year with colors, and September represents the earth and all of it’s natural beauty.  Shades of taupe, greenish browns, and a light rust begin to emerge.  The yellows of summer are still there but more muted and everything seems to soften a bit.  Maybe it’s my perspective and maybe I soften a bit so the environment around me seems gentler and kinder.  After all, our life is determined quite often by our perspective. However there is a definite kindness to the month of Septemeber.

Birthday Month

For me though, the most exciting part of September, is the fact that it’s my birthday month.  AND my New Year kickoff rolled up into one!  It’s not a sunset but a sunrise instead.

I see my birthday as the start of my very own personalized New Year!  Another year to make more of a difference.  It’s a time to set new goals and figure out ways of reaching those goals. It’s a chance to celebrate past success, fully feel my gratitude for the moment, and get excited about the hope for a bright future!

What are your goals for your New Year?

I love to publicly communicate my goals.  When you say them out loud they become more real and you can organize the thought in a better way.  Here are mine and as you read these, I encourage you to think about your own.

Network more.- Meet more people and find out ways that I can support them

Travel more – Enjoy learning about new places and people and the differences that make us all unique

Serve my clients better – I am committed to taking my coaching programs  to another level and serving my clients in new and unique ways

Speak and Sing more – God has blessed me with gifts and it is my duty as his servant to share those gifts, ideas, music and movtivation with the world

AND WRITE more – This is the first of monthly blog posts that I will post and I am excited to see what new topics and methods I will gain as I learn and grow through this process.

I hope you will join me on this new journey in this new year.  Onwards and Upwards!!


“Your voice is stronger than your challenges”





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