“Performing For Success” Coaching Program


Have you ever dreamed of sharing your heart centered story with others but have no idea what to say or where to start?

Imagine that feeling when you can FINALLY stand on stage and feel the energy from the audience because you KNOW you have something to offer.  Something that can impact the lives of others!

This is the foundation of “Performing For Success” coaching program.  There is something inside of you that must be discovered and given to the world. and unfortunately fear keeps most of us from ever really reaching the heights that we are capable of reaching.

Are you a speaker or singer and have a competition coming up?  This is for you!

Are you creative and really need to learn how to express yourself?  This is for you.

Do you have a major interview coming up and need to prepare?  Then this is for you!

Find out more about the “Performing For Success” coaching program today because if you wait, that is one day less you have to embark on a journey that will change your life. 



Motivational Speaker and author



Empowering, Energetic and Dynamic 

 I believe that we each have a champion within us and that overall theme runs through my writing and speaking. My signature talks include


* Commanding Confident Performances: 5 keys to overcome stage fright so you can earn more money and build worldwide recognition for your talent

*A balancing act through the eyes of a Circus Performer: 5 ways to find order in choas so you can increase your productivity and happiness

*Bounce Back: 5 keys to overcome adversity and step into true leadership



Musicaland Theatrical Shows

for private or corporate events




Are you looking for unique and professional entertainment?  There is a show that meets your needs whether it is for a small intimate gathering or a mainstage production. 

Tell us your vision and our team can make it happen for you!  

One-woman cabaret style shows 

Themed shows

Cocktail hour and dinner lounge style shows

Theatrical style variety shows


Contact me for more information!

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